Polymer Clay Sculptures

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  • Special Order: Handmade Polymer Clay Cauldron


    This is a beautiful handmade polymer clay cauldron. I hand make each cauldron, so each is unique.

    I am only going to sell 5 of these cauldrons in the first round to make sure that I’m able to get each made and to you timely.

    This photo is only an EXAMPLE of the item you will receive. The cauldron is handmade from Polymer Clay. Due to the nature of this type of item, no two are exactly alike. I will contact you as soon as your item has been completed with a photo of your cauldron.

    Please allow 1 week make time for this item. If you haven’t heard from me by then, please contact me at lookingupwardgifts@gmail.com. My goal is for items to never take me this long to create, but if I have a lot of orders, it could run longer.

    This item should ship within 5 business days AFTER its completion.

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  • Sweet Little Colorful Marbled Polymer Clay Birds


    These precious little hand sculpted birds are sweet as can be. I hand mix the color combination of clay in batches and no two batches match exactly. This causes each item formed from these batches to be unique.